New Fort Knox Five Tune “Don’t Go” featuring Joe Quarterman Is Out Now!

“Don’t Go” featuring Joe Quarterman
by Fort Knox Five
FKX094 – Fort Knox Recordings

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Washington, DC native Joe Quarterman had his first hit in 1973, an instant funk classic that was part of the capital city’s red hot 70s funk scene. “So Much Trouble On My Mind” is a party rocking anthem still being sampled and played over 40 years later. Fort Knox Five recently got Quarterman back in the studio to record a new song, the stripped down funk banger “Don’t Go.”

Over the past 13 years Fort Knox Five have been producing original funk music in Washington, DC, giving credit to DC legends like Joe Quarterman and Chuck Brown. Through the DC Funk Parade festival the two artists were linked up, a fusion years in the making. Having worked with legends like Afrika Bambaataa and others, Fort Knox Five are deeply honored to be working with Sir Joe Quarterman.

The result of this collaboration is a modern funk anthem that will put the glide in your stride, just as long as you “Don’t Go”! Quarterman drops in with a classic funk delivery, complete with James Brown vocal stylings. He really belts it out, saying “This funk will set you free, this funk is as good as can be.” Sir Joe’s upbeat flow is perfect for the dance floor sensibilities of Fort Knox Five, who incorporated their own live elements into the mix. Pulling out all the stops, FK5’s own Steve Raskin is on live bass, Rob Myer drops some seriously funky wah-wah guitars and incorporates a full horn section, complete with DC’s own Frank Mitchell, Jr. on saxophone.

Spanning time and generations of music, this tune captures the vibe of DC’s classic funk sound and merges it with the future funk sensibilities of Fort Knox Five. Inspired by the DC Funk Parade, this song is being released to commemorate the third annual parade this year. A slice of DC through and through, combining styles and influences across the decades, “Don’t Go” is sure to get your hands clapping and your booty shaking!

Out Now: FK5’s Cinco To The Brinco ft. Empresarios w/ Remixes

Cinco To The Brinco ft. Empresarios
by Fort Knox Five
FKX093 – Fort Knox Recordings

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1. Cinco To The Brinco ft. Empresarios (Basement Freaks Remix)
2. Cinco To The Brinco ft. Empresarios (Farid’s 22 & P Remix)
3. Cinco To The Brinco ft. Empresarios (Omegaman Remix)
4. Cinco To The Brinco ft. Empresarios (Original Mix)
5. Cinco The Brinco (Basement Freaks Remix Instrumental)
6. Cinco To Brinco (Farid’s 22 & P Remix Instrumental)
7. Cinco To The Brinco (Omegaman Remix Instrumental)
8. Cinco To The Brinco (Original Instrumental)
9. Cinco To The Brinco ft. Empresarios (Farid’s Ode To The 90’s Dub Remix)
10. Cinco To The Brinco ft. Empresarios (Farid’s 22 & P Bonus Beats)

Hot on the heels of the chart topping 24 Hours To Set It Off and Pressurize The Cabin singles, Fort Knox Five is excited to present the next single in the series. Get ready for the funky, tropical sounds of Cinco To The Brinco featuring Empresarios with sizzling-hot remixes by Basement Freaks, Farid and Omegaman.

Longtime Fort Knox Recordings remix ringer Basement Freaks was tapped to rework Cinco To The Brinco and the result is on point. Starting with the organic elements of the original, he injects a heavy dose of bass and percussion, which simmers until the drop, creat- ing a moombahton-flavored glitch-hop masterpiece. Fresh off the re- lease of his fourth album, Basement Freaks has been killing it both in his native Greece and abroad with his new tunes. This remix perfectly showcases his talent and wide array of styles.

Well known in the Washington, DC music scene as the driving force behind both the Eighteenth Street Lounge and Rhythm & Culture Recordings, Farid delivers the goods on his first remix for Fort Knox Recordings. Farid turns up the heat with a house-flavored, piano- heavy indie-dance remix, that is sure to get everyones hands in the air. In addition to his stellar 22 & P remix, Farid has also cooked up two bonus versions for the DJs, including his stripped down, late night Ode To The 90s Dub mix and a Bonus Beats mix.

Sydney-based producer Omegaman steers Cinco To The Brinco into a retro 70s funk and rock vibe. With live bass and a groove that takes it back to the Doobie Brothers, he brings a classic Fort Knox approach to his remix. As the only Aussie on the label, Omegaman displays his breaks and funk chops on this instant classic.

FK5’s Fire In My Belly ft. Ashley Slater Single is Out Now Worldwide

Fire In my Belly featuring Ashley Slater
by Fort Knox Five
w/ remixes by SkiiTour and All Good Funk Alliance
FKX092 – Fort Knox Recordings

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The onslaught of killer remixes continues! Skiitour and All Good Funk Alliance bring fire & funk to their remixes of the latest Fort Knox Five single, Fire In My Belly featuring Ashley Slater.
One of our favorite artists to emerge from Whistler, British Columbia is the mighty duo Skiitour, who are well known for their amazing dj sets and top notch production. They managed to transform the funk of the original track into a solid house banger with piano stabs, big bass drops and clever vocal loops. Already a big hit in Fort Knox Five DJ sets, this remix is a sure-fire dancefloor smash!
Not to be outdone, All Good Funk Alliance pump up the synths and sonics in their full-vocal remix. Super Hi-Fi synthesizers and effects lay on top of precise beats to create a mid-tempo tune that exists somewhere between electro and indie nu-disco. The AGFA boys have turned in a dope remix which captures their signature sound and reimagines Fire In My Belly with a heavy dose of future funk.
Longtime collaborator Ashley Slater re-emerges on Fire In My Belly as the super cool soul crooner, lending his suave vocals and sultry trombone licks to create a modern funk-soul classic. In typical Fort Knox Five fashion, the funk bubbles over chunky hip-hop beats, creating a booty-shaking romp for the dancefloor. New Orleans style horns and Rob Myers funky wah-wah guitar lines provide the perfect groove for Ashley’s retro-funky vibe.

Pressurize The Cabin Single w/ Remixes by Mat The Alien, Qdup & J*Labs!

Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany
by Fort Knox Five
w/ Remixes by Mat The Alien, Qdup & J*Labs
FKX091 – Fort Knox Recordings

1. Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany (Mat The Alien Remix)
2. Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany (Qdup Remix)
3. Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany (J*Labs Mix)
4. Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany (Original Mix
5. Pressurize The Cabin (Mat The Alien Remix Instrumental)
6. Pressurize The Cabin (Qdup Remix Instrumental)
7. Pressurize The Cabin (J*Labs Remix Instrumental)
8. Pressurize The Cabin (Instrumental Mix)

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The sixth single from Fort Knox Five’s album Pressurize The Cabin is the title track, which features vocals from Vokab Kompany and three stellar remixes from Mat The Alien, Qdup and J*Labs.

Longtime collaborator and touring partner Mat The Alien has lent his scratching mastery to previous Fort Knox Five tracks, but this is his debut remix on the label. Returning to his drum’n’bass roots he turns in a ‘really good’ dancefloor banger. The remix has an infectiously rolling bassline, sped-up vocals, melodic keys and warped bass stabs. Mat The Alien has crafted a frenetic remix for the floor sure to get heads bobbing and feet stomping!

Fresh from a four deck DJ set tour with Fort Knox Five, labelmate Qdup takes Pressurize The Cabin to a different altitude with his 4/4 glitch-hop remix. Through a series of strong releases, Qdup has been refining the sound of his glitched-out, electro boogie breaks which he brings to bear on this track. Maintaining a full vocal treatment, he amps up the pressure with electro blips and a wobbly bass line that hits you right in the knees.

Fort Knox Five love to champion rising talent and work with their friends from around the world and California-based J*Labs is a welcome new addition to this release. She takes the hip-hop elements of the original and injects it with a full dose of twerk and glitch-hop. This is a really fun remix that breaks and bubbles with tweaked out vocal stabs and blippy percussion.

Fort Knox Five linked up with Vokab Kompany while on tour and tapped the San Diego based hip-hop vocalists for the title track of the album. Vintage brass blasts, funky breaks and tons of bounce combine to make the original mix a party anthem for the ages. Vokab Kompany’s high energy, party rocking vocals are the perfect cherry to top this quintessential Fort Knox Five confection.



Fort Knox Five’s “24 Hours To Set It Off” w/ Remixes by Deekline & Dirty Dubsters

“24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder”
by Fort Knox Five

Worldwide Release Date:
Friday January 29th, 2016

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    1. 24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder (Deekline Remix)
    2. 24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder (Dirty Dubsters Remix)
    3. 24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder (Original Mix)
    4. 24 Hours To Set It Off (Deekline Remix Instrumental)
    5. 24 Hours To Set It Off (Dirty Dubsters Remix Instrumental)
    6. 24 Hours To Set It Off (Instrumental Mix)

    The new single from Fort Knox Five is “24 Hours To Set It Off” featuring Sleepy Wonder with bombastic dancefloor remixes by Deekline and Dirty Dubsters.

    While top UK producer Deekline was visiting the studio in DC, Fort Knox Five enlisted him to transform the dancehall ska of “24 Hours To Set It Off” into a breakbeat anthem. As usual Deekline delivers the goods, twisting the original with a modern take on old school breaks. With its crisp breakbeats, Jungle influenced bass drops, old school rave piano stabs and epic builds, this track is a surefire ragga classic. On top of it all are Sleepy Wonder’s rapidfire vocals, when paired with Deekline’s beats somehow become more rugged and rough.

    Fort Knox Five is excited to welcome Dublin’s own Dirty Dubsters to the fold with their first remix on Fort Knox Recordings. The duo from Ireland were a natural fit, with a reputation for reggae flavored remixes done with their signature big drum beats and fat driving bass grooves. The Dubsters did just that, flipping the original into a lively two-step ragga breaks remix full of ska guitars and knee-wobbling bass lines. Whether nodding your head or full on skanking to the rhythm its impossible to stay still while listening to this one!

    Sleepy Wonder is a longtime collaborator with Fort Knox Five, so when the group sent him a fresh beat to write to, he fired back with a real time stream of consciousness dancehall rap about a day in his life. An ode to working with Fort Knox Recordings, the track is an uplifting and positive party vibe about working hard and having fun making music. Swinging big beats are accentuated with live guitars and horns, which come together perfectly to frame Sleepy’s lyrical tale. Fort Knox Five’s distinctive electronic tweaks, blips and bleeps pepper the track into a bubbly dancehall ska tune.