Pressurize The Cabin Single w/ Remixes by Mat The Alien, Qdup & J*Labs!

Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany
by Fort Knox Five
w/ Remixes by Mat The Alien, Qdup & J*Labs
FKX091 – Fort Knox Recordings

1. Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany (Mat The Alien Remix)
2. Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany (Qdup Remix)
3. Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany (J*Labs Mix)
4. Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany (Original Mix
5. Pressurize The Cabin (Mat The Alien Remix Instrumental)
6. Pressurize The Cabin (Qdup Remix Instrumental)
7. Pressurize The Cabin (J*Labs Remix Instrumental)
8. Pressurize The Cabin (Instrumental Mix)

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The sixth single from Fort Knox Five’s album Pressurize The Cabin is the title track, which features vocals from Vokab Kompany and three stellar remixes from Mat The Alien, Qdup and J*Labs.

Longtime collaborator and touring partner Mat The Alien has lent his scratching mastery to previous Fort Knox Five tracks, but this is his debut remix on the label. Returning to his drum’n’bass roots he turns in a ‘really good’ dancefloor banger. The remix has an infectiously rolling bassline, sped-up vocals, melodic keys and warped bass stabs. Mat The Alien has crafted a frenetic remix for the floor sure to get heads bobbing and feet stomping!

Fresh from a four deck DJ set tour with Fort Knox Five, labelmate Qdup takes Pressurize The Cabin to a different altitude with his 4/4 glitch-hop remix. Through a series of strong releases, Qdup has been refining the sound of his glitched-out, electro boogie breaks which he brings to bear on this track. Maintaining a full vocal treatment, he amps up the pressure with electro blips and a wobbly bass line that hits you right in the knees.

Fort Knox Five love to champion rising talent and work with their friends from around the world and California-based J*Labs is a welcome new addition to this release. She takes the hip-hop elements of the original and injects it with a full dose of twerk and glitch-hop. This is a really fun remix that breaks and bubbles with tweaked out vocal stabs and blippy percussion.

Fort Knox Five linked up with Vokab Kompany while on tour and tapped the San Diego based hip-hop vocalists for the title track of the album. Vintage brass blasts, funky breaks and tons of bounce combine to make the original mix a party anthem for the ages. Vokab Kompany’s high energy, party rocking vocals are the perfect cherry to top this quintessential Fort Knox Five confection.



Fort Knox Five’s “24 Hours To Set It Off” w/ Remixes by Deekline & Dirty Dubsters

“24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder”
by Fort Knox Five

Worldwide Release Date:
Friday January 29th, 2016

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    1. 24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder (Deekline Remix)
    2. 24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder (Dirty Dubsters Remix)
    3. 24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder (Original Mix)
    4. 24 Hours To Set It Off (Deekline Remix Instrumental)
    5. 24 Hours To Set It Off (Dirty Dubsters Remix Instrumental)
    6. 24 Hours To Set It Off (Instrumental Mix)

    The new single from Fort Knox Five is “24 Hours To Set It Off” featuring Sleepy Wonder with bombastic dancefloor remixes by Deekline and Dirty Dubsters.

    While top UK producer Deekline was visiting the studio in DC, Fort Knox Five enlisted him to transform the dancehall ska of “24 Hours To Set It Off” into a breakbeat anthem. As usual Deekline delivers the goods, twisting the original with a modern take on old school breaks. With its crisp breakbeats, Jungle influenced bass drops, old school rave piano stabs and epic builds, this track is a surefire ragga classic. On top of it all are Sleepy Wonder’s rapidfire vocals, when paired with Deekline’s beats somehow become more rugged and rough.

    Fort Knox Five is excited to welcome Dublin’s own Dirty Dubsters to the fold with their first remix on Fort Knox Recordings. The duo from Ireland were a natural fit, with a reputation for reggae flavored remixes done with their signature big drum beats and fat driving bass grooves. The Dubsters did just that, flipping the original into a lively two-step ragga breaks remix full of ska guitars and knee-wobbling bass lines. Whether nodding your head or full on skanking to the rhythm its impossible to stay still while listening to this one!

    Sleepy Wonder is a longtime collaborator with Fort Knox Five, so when the group sent him a fresh beat to write to, he fired back with a real time stream of consciousness dancehall rap about a day in his life. An ode to working with Fort Knox Recordings, the track is an uplifting and positive party vibe about working hard and having fun making music. Swinging big beats are accentuated with live guitars and horns, which come together perfectly to frame Sleepy’s lyrical tale. Fort Knox Five’s distinctive electronic tweaks, blips and bleeps pepper the track into a bubbly dancehall ska tune.

Fort Knox Five presents “Funk The World 32” [Free Download]

Funk The World 32
by Fort Knox Five
January 2016

World Premiere by Magnetic Magazine:

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01 Move Your Body feat Mustafa – Basement Freaks
02 Sexual Healing (J. Felix Remix) – Hot 8 Brass Band
03 Rock Me (Dub Remix) – The Niceguys
04 Cookin Soul – JB & The Mic Smith
05 Insight Funk Monster (DC’s Finest Remix) – Rodney Hunter vs Fort Knox Five
06 Thinkin Bout Your Body (Cousin Culo Edit) – Loot & Plunder
07 Funk this Jam – All Good Funk Alliance feat Soul Suit
08 Azealia Funks (Funkstrumental) – Dancefloor Outlaws
09 Mustang Sally Picketlines – Wilson Picket
10 Whatcha Gonna Do (Father Funk Remix) – Fort Knox Five
11 Hey Everybody (Dr Bone Remix) – Rory Hoy Feat Ashley Slater
12 Take it High Feat Ivan Neville – Griz

Fort Knox Five presents Funk The World 32 by Fort Knox on Mixcloud

Free Download: David Bowie “Queen Bitch (FK1000 Remix)”

“Queen Bitch (FK1000 Remix)”
by David Bowie vs. Fort Knox Five & Ursula 1000

To honor the legendary David Bowie we have dug deep into the Fort Knox vaults to unearth this exclusive Glam-Dance gem from almost a decade ago. Fort Knox Five and Ursula 1000 beefed up one of their favorite Bowie songs for the dancefloor. Enjoy this free download to celebrate the life and legacy of one of our biggest influences!

FK5’s Swinging On A Rhyme w/ Remixes by Bart&Baker and Warp9!

Swinging On A Rhyme ft. Flex Mathews
by Fort Knox Five
w/ Remixes by Bart & Baker and Warp9
FKX086 – Fort Knox Recordings

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“Swinging On A Rhyme” is a quintessential Fort Knox Five track that incorporates live instrumentation, creating a funk and swing anthem with guitar riffs and a full horn section. The track features vocal snippets by Flex Mathews, a versatile backpack wearing hip-hop MC from Washington, DC who has earned a great reputation as an MC with fresh rhymes and positive messages. Swinging On A Rhyme is a fun and upbeat funky party tune that has been a big hit, taking it back to Fort Knox Five’s classic track The Brazilian Hipster.

For this new release, Fort Knox Five has assembled the original version together with two banging remixes and the instrumentals of all three tracks. When Fort Knox Five made a funky swing track on their new album, it was a no-brainer to call on Bart & Baker to do a remix. The Paris duo are well known for their ‘house music with a smile and a style.” The Bart & Baker remix is a DJs dream, perfect for any set or mix with smooth electro swing and a funky house vibe, creating a seriously infectious groove. The next remix is by San Francisco’s Warp9, who has dropped the bass and funked up the track in a heavy way. Distorted bass lines, crazy synths and a warped flow create a funky glitch-hop reworking sure to please bass music lovers everywhere.

The original version of Swinging On A Rhyme featuring Flex Mathews is an instant classic, and combined with remixes by Bart&Baker and Warp9, a top-notch package emerges. With sounds ranging from Electro-swing and funky house to glitch-hop, these tracks are made to get people dancing, head nodding and smiling all night long. As usual Fort Knox Five is looking out for the DJs, and instrumental versions of all three tracks are available.